Non-Surgical Skin Lifting in Dublin

Have you been researching non-surgical skin lifting and you’d like to go ahead with a suitable treatment? If so, this is something that Florentes Beauty and Aesthetic Clinic can provide you with. We are based in the heart of Dublin’s city centre and have the experience and skills required to carry out treatments of this kind so, please don’t hesitate to contact the team today. 


In recent years, there have been developments in the industry and experts are now able to offer much less invasive treatments which provide similar results as cosmetic surgery. These new treatments come with minimal recovery time and are also much more affordable which is appealing to clients. The non-surgical skin lifting treatment that we offer here at Florentes, is called a plasma lift, it is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that requires no cutting of the skin and also often no injectable anaesthetics. It is designed to be a skin-lifting, skin-tightening and rejuvenation treatment which will provide long-lasting and natural-looking results. In short, a plasma lift causes the contraction, tightening and shortening of the skin fibres which results in a reduction of the skin surface, therefore improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


When searching for suitable treatments for non-surgical skin lifting in Dublin, it is important to look into which areas the treatment can target. A plasma lift is known for tightening the eyelid and under-eye area and is also popular for treating crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth, smoker’s lines and superficial lines commonly seen on the neck, décolletage and body areas. So, it really is the perfect solution for all of the most commonly disliked areas that people wish to target with non-surgical skin lifting in Dublin. 


At Florentes we understand that it can be difficult to find a trustworthy clinic that offers non-surgical skin lifting in Dublin. It goes without saying that there are many clinics advertising treatments and procedures who aren’t qualified to carry out and this can make the industry incredibly difficult to navigate. The team here at Florentes will happily show you our qualifications and certificates if you need clarification before we undertake any procedure to put your mind at rest. 


If you have any questions at all about this treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Florentes. Email us today at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We can provide you with any additional information you require about our treatments for non-surgical skin lifting in Dublin and arrange for a consultation where our experts will be able to advise you on the best way to target your problem areas.